Great news for Indian people! Now you can register for a domain name called Shiksha. Shiksha refers to education or learning or sometimes teaching. This is one of the most unique domain names you can get and it offers a place that is related to the Indian subcontinent and delivers a deep message that education should be made available to everyone. This domain name is best for schools, learning institutes and blogs that promote and spread education in any way. It is also perfect for businessmen and non-government organizations that are willing to attract Indian students on the internet. The vision behind the launch of .SHIKSHA is to create an online industry to target the right and deserving customers. It can be used by millions of tutors, coaches, training centers and schools to reach out Indian customers and businessmen easily. It also helps them target the right audience by using the right demographics. The .SHIKSHA domain name also implies Indian culture and Hindi language which is spoken by around 500 million people and SHIKSHA delivers a great message about education. So you really can’t beat the idea behind this domain extension and neither can you beat the domain itself. You know the saying to join them if you can’t beat them so why not join in?

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