A .PLACE to relax? Or a place to exercise? Your visitors will straight away understand that your website is the .PLACE to be! There are more than a few reasons that make .PLACE a unique and interesting domain name as the world ‘place’ conveys several different meanings. The greatest advantage of going for a .PLACE domain name is that it represents a keyword which can be used in a lot of different industries and that makes it a highly competitive and easily popular domain name. The best people that can make the most of this domain name are realtors and people who own travel companies. Having a domain name like this allows you to be more creative and informal and people from different aspects of life appreciate an atmosphere such as this. No matter if you own a restaurant, café, a club or any kind of business property, you can really benefit from this domain name by improving your visibility to thousands of people. Let your potential customers know that your website is indeed the place to be. Stand out from the rest of the competition and incite a feeling of trust within your customers which will ensure that they keep coming back to do business with you. This domain extension is really a unique and interesting one that just gives the right impression the first time. So what are you waiting for? The .PLACE domain extension is the place your website needs to be so go get it now!

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