Cooking is no longer a traditional activity as it has been revolutionized with the advancement technology and made accessible to all over the internet over the last 10 years. Most of us love to check out the recipes and use nutrition calculators to try out different kinds of dishes and desserts etc. It has become a vast field and we can easily find a number of big websites on the internet that allow people to post on their forums, share food recipes and learn to make delicious dishes using their video tutorials. With the arrival of the .COOKING domain extension, a lot of new opportunities have opened up for chefs, cooks and restaurants to attract people from all around the globe to do business with them. There is no restriction as to where you belong and anyone can get registered with the .COOKING domain to share their passion online and let it be seen by thousands. The .COOKING extension is equally good for individuals and business owners who intend to get going with a great namespace. For restaurants and cafés, there is hardly anything more suitable than .COOKING as they are more likely to get noticed with a domain such as this one. You cannot go wrong with the .COOKING as it’s oh so delicious and enticing and your potential customers just won’t be able to resist.

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